Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Most Dangerous Sports in the WorldListing of the top 10 most dangerous sports in the world can be frightening to some but it is actually quite inviting to others. There are literary millions of people who love the type of sports that are on-the-edge and any of the most dangerous sports in the world would sound inviting to them and they are ready to give it a try. There are many sports that are considered risky, unsafe and extremely dangerous to try, but ironically some people love these sports for the feeling of exhilaration they get out of them.

The following list of top 10 most dangerous sports in the world has been put together according to the criterion of physical injury and fatality risk.

BASE Jumping: Dangerous Free Jumps

This activity is often considered as a “suicidal” sport. People participating in this game jump from high buildings, antenna and hill top. The only safety measure they can use is a parachute. This dangerous sport is becoming ever more popular where any error could be extremely fatal.

High Altitude Climbing: Race Against Height and Cold

High Altitude Climbing especially when done on ice can be a very life dangerous sport. In many cases mountaineers face hypoxia, hypothermia with severe frostbite hundreds of meters above sea level where the hope of a quick medical help is next to none. In a lot of instances climbers find themselves unable to cope with extreme fatigue, lack of oxygen and dangerously slippery slopes become disastrous.

Gaelic Football: Extreme Soccer

Originated in Ireland, where it has stayed very popular, in Gaelic Football the players try to score a goal by tackling the ball from the opposition in any way possible. Everything goes in this dangerous sport, kicks, punches and other robust tackling moves are allowed. Not only that they are actually cheered for by hundreds of fans.

Street Luging: High Speed Skateboards

In street luging races the player lies on his or her back over their skateboard. The skateboarder then rolls down from sloping highways at extremely high speeds, while guiding their skates with moving and tilting their bodies to left and right. Street lugers face dangers like falling off of cliffs, hitting rocks and even in coming automobiles.

Bull Riding: Hanging on for Seconds

Man has always been fascinated with the power of bulls. Bull riding is a rodeo sport, where the player tries to ride the bull and stay as long as he can on top of it while the bull tries to buck its rider of its back. This is a dangerous sport that has caused many injuries to both the bulls and riders.

Cave Diving: Dangerous Underwater Darkness

Number 5 on the list of top 10 most dangerous sports in the world is cave diving. In cave diving there is very minimum margin for errors. Divers take on underwater caves with low to no visibility conditions and freezing temperatures. In most areas they are surrounded by sharp rocks and there are no air to surface for. Therefore, if their oxygen tanks fail it would pretty much game over for these divers.

Helicopter Freestyle Skiing: Dangerous Mountain Slopes

In Helicopter skiing athletes jump right from helicopters and start skiing down the virgin icy slopes around the world. They ski on mountains tops where none have done before and take huge risks. Because of the unknown dangers of unpacked snow and rocks, this activity has been considered as one of the most dangerous sports in the world with high fatality rates.

Big Wave Surfing: Battling The Wild Ocean

Surfing is a great sport that can be quite enjoyable but big wave surfing can be a fatal one. Many surfers plunge into 50ft waves, which can crush them out and push them down into the depths of the ocean. There is also the high possibility to hit their heads on submerged rocks or fail to get out in time. Many surfers have also been fatally attacked by some of the most dangerous sharks.

Bull Running: Powerful Bulls and Sharp Horns

Another name of this sport is “Encierro”. In bull running participants run in front and behind a herd of running furious bulls who will stampede right through anyone on their path. This old activity, which has been most widely practiced in Spain and Portugal has left many people as well as bulls severely injured or dead. Human and animal activists have also been fighting to stop bulling running world wide as an inhumane activity. Any person, over eighteen can join the race.

Motorcycle Racing: Most Dangerous Sports in the World

As the number one on the list of most dangerous sports in the world, in motorcycle racing the participants have to complete a certain distant on the race track with many twists and turns. Many professional and amateur bikers have lost their lives on these race tracks. There are others who love dirt bike racing where athletes have to overcome loads of obstacles such as trees, rocks and other natural obstructions. In any case these bikers ride their motorcycles at extremely high speeds and high speeds in many cases translate to danger.