Most Dangerous Snakes In The World

Most Dangerous Snakes In The WorldFriends there are many venomous and venomous snakes all around the world but we have a collection of some of those poisonous snakes who are too dangerous in the world. Dear Users here is the list of top ten most dangerous snakes in the world. We hope you will like our post about top ten dangerous snakes. Lets see who is the most dangerous.

Erpeton tentaculatum

The tentacled snake is a rear-fanged aquatic snake native to South-East Asia. This snake is the only member of the genus Erpeton. This Snake is the only species of its genus. The method it uses to catch fish has recently been a subject of research. When a fish swims by, it wiggles its tail to frighten the prey straight towards its mouth. Its Really a danger Snake in the world.

Chrysopelea or Flying Snake

Chrysopelea or you can say flying snake that belongs to the family Colubridae. flying snake’s range is in Southeast Asia. Chrysopelea mostly found in listed countries China, India, Sri Lanka and some other place which are located in Southeast Asia.

Rhabdophis tigrinus

Rhabdophis tigrinus is very dangerous snake and a venomous colubrid found in East and Southeast Asia. This snake has a verage length is usually 24-39 inches.

Crotalus cerastes

Crotalus cerastes is a very dangerous snake in the world. Crotalus cerastes found in the desert regions of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. Crotalus cerastes is a venomous pit viper species. This not only provides excellent traction in its environment.

Pareas iwasakii

Pareas iwasakii is also a very very dangerous snake in the world. Crotalus cerastes is belong to the Colubridae family. This snake mostly found in Japan.


Elapidae is belog to the family of venomous snakes. This snake mostly founded in tropical and subtropical regions. If you want to see Elapidae then you should visit Asia, Australia, Africa, North America and South America and aquatically in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.


Atractaspis is a very dangerous nas very smart. It is a genus of venomous snakes. This Snake had many names like Burrowing vipers, burrowing asps, mole vipers, stiletto snakes, side-stabbing snakes. Atractaspis mostly founded in Africa.


Scolecophidians have common names like blind snakes, thread snakes. The Scolecophidia are an infraorder of snakes, they are very dangerous.

Eunectes murinus

Friends here is the world longest snake. It is really longest snake you have never seen in your life. It is a good swimmer snake. It has common names like Green Anaconda, Anaconda, Common Anaconda, Water Boa. It has a length of 22 feet waaaooooo. The color pattern consists of olive green background overlaid with black blotches along the length of the body. If you catch this anaconda you can reward $50,000 cash.

Naja ashei

Friends here is the no.1 Dangerous snake in all around the world. Naja ashei is the largest spitting cobra in the world. Naja ashei is found in eastern and north-eastern Africa. This Snake found in southern Ethiopia and southern Somalia, Kenya and similar habitats in northeastern Uganda.