Most Dangerous Gangs in The World

Most Dangerous Gangs in The WorldThe world is moving towards decency. This sentence is always followed by a question mark. We have so many trained security experts, but still we are surrounded by so many dangerous gangs.

These gangs are involved in anti-social activities like human dealings, drug dealings, illegal gambling, prostitution, extortion and blackmailing. Furthermore, they also use their power to influence the outcome of various competitions, be it political competition or sports competition.

These gangs are scattered all over the world and they have been on the wanted list of various security agencies. These gangs are professional and work in a managed way.

Here, let’s discuss on the top 10 most dangerous gangs in the world.


In the year 1969, a few American-African guys had started this small gang and with their violated activities, they have transformed to be an International criminal gang. Most of their activities include drug trafficking, robbery and murders. They wear blue clothing and are always accompanied by blue colored sharp knife. They have about 33,000 gangsters, which is actually more than total employees of a multinational company.

Los Zetas

How can we forget Los Zetas while listing the most dangerous gangs in the world? This is a Mexican gang and it is known to be the biggest illegal association of drug trading. Their mission was to become the biggest drug dealer of the world. However, they have achieved this in the year 2012 after transforming more than eleven cities of Mexico into drug trading market. Their power can be estimated by the fact that they can destroy the whole USA with just one phone call due to their strong bonding with USA mafia.

The Mungiki

This Nairobi gang mostly undertake their operations around the second biggest slum of the country, Mathare. It is rumored that they include more than one hundred thousand gangsters. Unlike other gangs they are known as terrorists due to their involvement in politics. They are allegedly influenced in the outcome of Nairobi elections. Their gangsters are not limited to Kenya as some of their operations are recorded outside the country as well.

The Hell’s Angels

Despite having an image of ruthless bikers, this North American gang is involved in multiple anti-social activities. Their list of illegal operations include extortion, robbery and especially drug dealing. There are several cases recorded in over 27 countries against them. They are like those stylish bikers who ride on Harley Davidson with leather jackets and special title logos. However, in daylight they are bikers, but in dark night they operate their activities around the night clubs of US.

United Bamboo

During the communist war in China, they worked for the Beijing government as killing agents. However, later on after war ended, they started their own gang. They are trained martial artists that belong to Chinese families. Unlike other gangs they don’t believe in multiplying their number and that’s the reason they have set some strict rules to enter their gang. Illegal gambling, illegal prostitution, extortion and women trafficking are some of their identity.

Cosa Nostra

This Italian gang is well established in the east side of New York. In fact they are among the most popular Sicilian Mafia. However, it is hard to believe, but according to reports, the gang is accompanied by over 25,000 members. Mainly, they are involved in trafficking of drugs. It is world’s 10th most powerful gang for its illegal activities.

The Yakuza

This Japanese gang is like the gangs in Hollywood movies as they consider themselves as businessmen and not criminal. Even though they hate violation, they are ready to hurt anyone if someone crosses their way. According to the reports, they include almost 40,000 members that are almost half of the total Japanese gangsters. Due to their strong interconnections with Japanese politicians they are fearless and live like normal people in the streets of Japan.

Aryan Brotherhood

This is one such gang that is always open to new members. Anyone can join them with just one exam. For those who want to enter their gang, it is required that they murder any person of their choice. The gangs have 20,000 members that are scattered around the USA. They are involved in almost 26% of murders in US prison and according to reports some of their members operate from the prison.


In short, they are stylish gangsters. In the year 1972, some passionate guys started this club in Los Angeles and due to their violated activities they became gangsters. They wear funky accessories, tattoos, symbols and all those stuff that separate them from genuine people. They consider red color as as their dress code. Occasionally, they have gang wars with Cribs, their so called enemy.

Mara Salvatrucha

The gang is also known as MS-13, this is by far the most dangerous gang of the word. Their 70,000 gangsters are always ready to kill anyone with just one signal. They are like kings of gangsters and they do not follow any rule. Kids or women are equal for them and they are ready to kill anyone. They are involved in various anti-social activities like assault, assassination, robbery, weapon and women trading and most of all, drug dealing.