Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The World

Most Beautiful Waterfalls In The WorldNature offers some of the most breathtaking scenes. Visiting waterfall is one of a kind experience and one enjoys the sight with memories that last a lifetime.

The Earth has thousands of huge, deep falling, wide, forceful, and very beautiful waterfalls.

Here is a selection of the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world, make an attempt to visit any or all of the following waterfalls during the next holiday or vacation.

Beautiful waterfalls,the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil

Iguazu Falls is one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. Iguazu waterfall is in between Argentina and Brazil borders. The waterfall width has a total of 275 falls along the famous Iguazu River. Most of these falls averages about 65 meters tall with the devil’s Throat being 150 meters wide, 82 meters high and longer than 700 meters.

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa. The fall is indigenously known as Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning “the smoking thunder”. Victoria Falls is also known globally as the largest waterfall, it is however not the widest nor the highest. Victoria Falls is one mile long, 108 meters high and twice longer than Niagara, NORTH American falls. Only Iguazu can match Victoria fall’s combined width and height.

Niagara Falls, US/Canada

Niagara is the most known waterfall in the world. Niagara Falls is located in between the twin cities, Ney York and Ontario. The Niagara Falls is basically made up of three different falls forming one; Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil and American Falls. Bridal Veil and American Falls are located on the Canadian side while Horseshoe in New York.

Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angle Falls, referred by the locals as Salto Angel is the highest waterfall in the world. Angel Falls drop from as high as 978 meters from the Auyan Tepuy summit. It boasts of 807 meter uninterrupted drop. The Salto Angel is hidden deep in the Venezuelan jungles and part of Canaima National Park; the only access to the falls is through the air.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Kaieteur Falls is tacked in the Potaro River, Guyana rainforest wilderness where there are no modern amenities. This secluded yet highly visited waterfall drops at 226 meters. This waterfall has the highest volume of cubic water dropping to the ground.

Gullfoss, Southwest Iceland

Gullfoss is neither the highest nor the widest, but it is naturally beautiful. It plunges at only 22 and 11 meters. It is surrounded by abyss and the river looks like it disappears into the ground. Gullfoss is also called Golden falls.

Plitvice Falls, Croatia

The waterfall is located at Plitvice Lakes National Park. The waterfall stands out due to the high number of cascades barricading the water. It has hundreds of waterfalls spread along its width. The water colour does vary from azure, turquoise crystal clear.

Yosemite Falls, USA

Yosemite is located in North America and it is the highest waterfall in the region filled with many other waterfalls. It water drops in California, Sierra Nevada at 739 meters. The waterfall is unique since the source of the falling water is melting snow. The stream may sometime decrease in water volume due to some little snowing.

Sutherland Falls, New Zealand

Sutherland as a very beautiful hilly landscape with one straight waterfall coming from something that looks like a dam at the top. It is located in New Zealand, Fiordland. The waterfall was named in 1880 after its discoverer, Donald Sutherland.

Jog Falls, India

India has a number of waterfalls due to its rugged landscape. Jog falls is however the highest waterfall in entire India at 253 meters. The Jog falls is created by Sharavathi River. The best time to visit the waterfalls is during the rainy seasons, monsoon in India, the waterfall only drips during the dry season. One can however, visit the site any time during the year since the scene is amazing.

These are not the only waterfalls there are one can visit; they are however the most visited and loved places by tourists. They receive visitors all year round due to their amazing beauty, their silent yet so familiar water gash sounds. The waterfalls are safe and protected since they are marked as one of the best waterfalls in the world. One does not have to worry about the amenities for investors have made available a variety of hospitality options to choose from.