Most Beautiful Mountains In The World

The Most Beautiful Mountains In The World are the natural beauties that offer magnificent sceneries attracting tourists, geologists, and photographer’s world over.

There are thousands and thousands of mountains round the world, but here are the most beautiful mountains one can come across, these mountains are chosen because they are unique, obscure, iconic and above all are breathtaking spectacles in their own way.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful mountains in the world; get ready to visit any of these destinations when planning for the next big trip.

Banff, Canada

The Canadian Rockies constitute the North American range of the Rocky Mountains in the Canadian segment. These mountains are the Canadian Cordillera eastern part, extending deeper to British Columbia Rocky Mountain Trench from the Interior Plains of Alberto. The southern end borders USA Montana and Doha. The northern end on the other hand is located in northern British Columbia at Liard River.

Andes, Peru

AndesThe Andes are the world’s longest continental mountain range. The Andes is a continual highlands range running along the South American west coast. The mountains are estimated to be about 7000 km long, 700 km to 200 km wide. The mountains average about 4000 m tall. The mountains extend from south to north and passes through the following seven South American states; Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

Japanese Alps, Japan

Japanese Alps, JapanThe Japanese Alps includes the Hida Mountains, the Akaishi Mountains and the Kiso Mountains. These towering mountain ranges go to great heights of up to 3000 m high. The highest peaks are found at mount kita at 3,193m, Mount Hotaka 3,190 m and Mount Ontanke at 3,167m. The visitors here get to view the active volcano spots and the pilgrimages.

Himalayas, India

Himalayas, IndiaHimalayan knows to be the range of some of the world highest peaks in the planet earth including the famous Mount Everest. The Himalaya is made up of more than hundred mountains and they are higher than7200 meters. The Himalayan Mountains have in a special way ingrained in the Hinduism, culture with the tallest peaks having some attachment to Buddhism or Hinduism.

Tian Shan, Kyrgyzstan

Tian Shan, KyrgyzstanThis is a wide range of mountains found in the Central Asia. Tian Shan has found a place in the list of the most beautiful mountains globally because the mountain has very high peak standing at 7,439 meters. The mountain borders the western region of China, Xinjiang Uyghur and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

Southern Alps, New Zealand

Southern Alps, New ZealandThe Southern Alps are generally arrange of mountains running across the South Coast of New Zealand. The greatest elevation of the Southern Alps is found on the western side of the Island. The smaller ranges forming the Southern Alps are given individual names.

Lizard Range, British Colombia, Canada

Lizard Range, British Colombia, CanadaThe Lizard range is another best beautiful mountain in the world. The ranges run from the Fernie, south eastern.

The Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomites, ItalyThe Dolomites are astonishing beautiful mountain ranges found in the northeastern Italy. The Dolomites forms part of Limestone Alps from the Southern end. The Mountain extends to Piave Valley/ Pieve DI Cadore from River Adige. The Sugana valley and the Puster valleys define the southern and northern borders. The Dolomites are spread over provinces for instance Trentino, South Trentino, and Belluno.

Sierra Nevada, California

Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaThis astonishing mountain runs for about 400 miles from the north to south. The east to Westside is about 70 miles long. Some of the Sierra features include Mount Whitney is 14,505 feet tall, North America’s largest alpine lake. Sierra houses two national monuments, 20 wilderness sections and three national parks. Some of these areas include Devils National Monument Postpile, Yosemite, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia.

Chugach Mountain, Alaska

Chugach Mountain, AlaskaThe Chugach Mountains are located towards North American western edge pacific Coast Ranges. The mountain has the peak at Mount Markers Baker. The mountains get one of the highest snowfalls around the year estimated at around 1500 cm.

These are definitely top 10 most beautiful mountains in the world. Make a point and visit any of these locations distributed round the world. These mountains have well supportive amenities and travel necessities like five star hotels, clubs and many others to keep the visitors exploring around.