Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Most Beautiful Flowers in the WorldEarth is a house of countless flowers and some of them become man best friend such as Roses and lilies. Talk about flowers, I have compiled top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world that I really like to share with you. If all these 10 most beautiful flowers pictures are not your favorite, I welcome you to use the comment box to share your beautiful flower names and pictures.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is indigenous flower from Japan. The festival of Cherry Blossom is celebrated in US and JAPAN. Most of Cherry Blossom is white or pink. Cherry Blossom flowers are attached to a tall tree. On a fall season, the Cherry blossom trees show magnificent views


Canna is a popular flower since the Victorian era. The beautiful flower is adorned naturally with beautiful leaves that are look like banana leaves. In Many Indian Movies, this flower is seldom featured in dancing scenes and sings

Bird of paradise

Bird of paradise is a native flower from South Africa .in this country; the flower is also called the crane flower. From the picture, there is no explanation needed to find the answer why the flower is named Bird of Paradise.


If you are working on a wedding organizer, this flower must be common for you. Hydrangea is popular because of its cute star-shaped blossoms and soft color. Many people believed the flowers is a symbol of locality and joy of married

Calla Lily

The live of the flower spreads love but unfortunately, the die of the flower will spread death as well if it is consumed by people or children. Calla Lily is a species of poisonous flower Zantedeschia. You can check search more info if you don’t trust me

Black Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan is a popular perennial flower. The flower symbolized cheerfulness and happiness. It is often featured on a kid TV shows and Kid TV commercial. The bright yellow petals and black spot on the middle are the most popular identity of the flower

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart is only available from April up to June. The flower has 3 different varieties, red, pink and whites. The flower does not need any special treatment, so if you want to plant it in your garden, you should not have to take note to remember what you should do or don’ts

Blue Bells

It is a dominant flower in the European forests during the spring. A named Bluebell wood alone was given by romantic poets in 19th century. When he saw the flower, he felt that the flowers looked lonely and remorse


Some consider Lantana is disturbing weed and not a beautiful flower that should be protected from extinction. The flower is owned by a strong plant and the petals of the flower is changing as the plant get older


Rose is known in many countries. The flower carries love messages in many traditions and it is one of the most wanted commodities in Valentine events. Rose has different varieties and colors. The Yellow one symbolizes friendship and the deep red color one represents true love.My Favorite: Dendrobium

Dendrobium has thousand different species and some of them spray delicate smell. The extract of the flower supply many perfume makers around the world

After you read the post of top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world, tell me which flower do you like most?