Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight – Has The Plane Finally Been Found?

Missing Malaysia Airlines FlightThe long search for the remains of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went through its 16th day on Monday, as the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak confirmed a new psychoanalysis of satellite data indicated that the plane lost control in the southern Indian Ocean.

On his statement, Razak did not indicate precisely where in the Indian Ocean the flight was last seen, but the searchers have pictured possible wreckage in an area roughly 1,240 miles southwest of Perth. They said that more facts would be released on 25th Tuesday.

The search is now regarded a race in opposition to time as the “pinger” lifespan in the black box is running low and may have not more than two weeks.

Shortly prior to Razak’s declaration, family members of the commuters were reserved on charter flights to take them to Australia, as reported by sources to Sky News. According to Razak, an emergence meeting took place in Beijing between Malaysia Airlines officials and families of those on board.

“For them, the few weeks have been distressing. Am aware that this news must be tough still,” Razak said. Reporters of Sky News said family members were screaming also in tears as they received the news and a person was notice being taken out in a stretcher.

“Malaysia Airlines intensely regrets that we ought to assume beyond any rational doubt that MH370 is nowhere to be seen and that none of those who boarded the flight survived,” the airline said in a text to the families, courtesy of The Telegraph.

In a declaration posted on the Airline’s website, the corporation said it tenders its “heartfelt thoughts, prayers and commiserations to everybody affected by this disaster.” In a different statement on its site, the Airlines elucidated why families of those on board got text messages with the news about the missing flight.