Minecon 2013 schedule and tickets


Mojang officially announced where Minecon 2013, the celebration of all things Minecraft, will be held. The announcement was made with a video featuring Markus “Notch” Persson and Patrick Geuder choosing the Minecon 2013 with a globe and a sword.

Mojang had previously stated that the convention would be held on the east coast of the United States and the location is now confirmed as Orlando, Florida for Nov. 2 and Nov. 3, 2013.

The first Minecon was held in 2010 in Washington State before travelling to Las Vegas in 2011 and then Disneyland Paris in 2012. Tickets cost $99 for early bird purchasers during the last Minecon to be held in the United States and rose to $139 afterwards before selling out quickly.

Mojang released tickets to Minecon 2013 in three batches, with each round of Minecon 2013 tickets were available for purchase at a different time of day to make acquisition easier for people with differing work/life schedules.

Obviously not everyone who wanted to attend Minecon 2013 was able to secure one of the 7500 tickets that were available throughout the week.

An individual was allowed to purchase up to 6 Minecon 2013 tickets at once to cover families, friends or groups travelling together to the event.

Mojang planned to release the tickets into three batches, having 2500 passes for each, as an effort to be fair to people who have jobs or school and those with different schedules.

Those fortunate enough to nab one of the 7500 available tickets to Minecon 2013 will now be able to register for a hotel in Orlando, assuming they aren’t a local resident, and fans will be happy to hear they’ll receive special Minecon rates at several local hotels.