Minecon 2013 in Orlando Florida


Minecon 2013, a 2-day event, was slated to commence on November 2. The event creeps into the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida. The event was held at the West Building of OCCC, particularly, at WA3-WB1.

Initially referred to as MinecraftCon, this annual Minecraft convention is held by Mojang AB. The first two Minecon events happened at Las Vegas and Paris Disneyland Park.

About 7,500 fans of the online video game will gather Saturday and Sunday at the Orange County Convention Center for Minecon 2013. Mojang released 7500 Minecon 2013 tickets which sold out very quickly.

In the convention, many of the sessions were about the product. But at least half of the sessions were about how players create and share their Minecraft experiences.

First day at the event was a blast, after a really awesome opening ceremony, a multitude of events began immediately. Early in the day, there was talking about the various steps of tackling huge projects, including awesome Minecraft videos for YouTube.

Also Mojang, Bethesda and Microsoft Studios revealed that there will be “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” Mash-up Pack for the Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. The press release reads, “The new pack will be transforming the world of ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ into the pixelated look of Minecraft.

An average of about 10,000 new players join every day, Minecraft (owned by Mojang) has sold over 12 million copies for the PC and over 33 million copies including all platforms.

In the opening ceremony, they announced a partnership with Twitch.tv so Minecrafters could easily record and publish their gaming.