Miley Cyrus smoking weed in the MTV EMA Awards 2013


Moments after accepting the Best Video Award at MTV EMA for her hit “Wrecking Ball,” the star took a puff of what looked like a joint onstage at the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.

The 20- year old singer took advantage of it being legal to smoke pot in Amsterdam by lighting up a joint as she accepted an award.

The space-themed show was opened by Cyrus while singing We Can’t Stop. She was wearing a silver spandex suit and whirled her buttocks in the move famously known was twerking.

This has been confirmed by Miley Cyrus that the joint she smoked at the MTV Europe Music Awards did contain cannabis. She couldn’t win the award at the event but still she thanked all her fans for all their support and also for voting for her in one of the top categories of the night.

After that While saying these words “But I have this”, she plucked out the alleged reefer from her bag which she then lighted, took a puff and again thanked her fans.

Miley Cyrus wasn’t looking to offend anyone, or break any laws, during her 2013 MTV EMA onstage smoke break. As Miley tells it, she was just looking to have some fun. “I just did it mostly because I knew the fans in Amsterdam would love it, and they started going crazy when I did it,” Miley rationalized.

However, the act was deemed so controversial by MTV bosses that it was edited out of the show when it was aired in America. In the UK, the smoking footage will be cut from pre-watershed airings of the show, but will be kept in for all broadcasts after 9pm.