Miley Cyrus latest selfie in the shower but not naked


Miley Cyrus, posted a fresh-faced picture of herself by posing with her signature tongue out and covered up in just a towel being followed by a shower.

The actress got a mixed reaction to a photograph which she had posted on Instagram, she clicked her photograph in a short towel and dripping wet hair. She also wrote: “#turntupshowertime”, but it was seriously shocking for everyone, when she certainly turned it up.

On the same tweet, one angry user wrote: “Miley …. Nobody’s tongue is pretty… Even yours…. U should stop sticking it out it makes u look SO dumb. You’re beautiful… We get it… Just no more tongue.”

According to reports, the star admitted that she sticks her out because she doesn’t “know how to smile” and the inability to smile makes her feel “awkward” if she’s standing there smiling broadly.

Cyrus, the American actress and the recording artist, finally explained her fondness for sticking her tongue out during the show with Barbara Walters for Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013.

The show was aired on Wednesday, Dec. 18. Cyrus also stated that “I get embarrassed to take pictures. That’s actually the truth”.

Adding on to it, she also said that “I’m so embarrassed, because people are taking pictures of me”. “And I just don’t know how to — I don’t know how to smile, and just be awkward, so I stick my tongue out, because I don’t know what else to do.”