Mile 420 marker replaced with Mile 419.99 after repeated theft


The 420 mile marker in Colorado was replaced this week as a consequence of constantly being stolen after the state decided to legalize marijuana.

The reason behind this repeated theft is still unclear. The best assumption is that because 420 is a pop-culture code for cannabis.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has safely assumed that the milestone is being lifted by weed lovers, as reported by NBC.

So finally to avoid this repeated theft, the transportation department decided to alter the sign and make it ‘MILE 419.99’ instead of the earlier MILE 420.

There are many legends and stories relating the number 420 with cannabis but no one is sure about the exact relation between the two.

Some short stories involve the hippie kids of the 70’s in California. However, April 20 (04/20), which has now been adopted as a counterculture holiday for weed lovers, may be the reason behind the milestone being stolen.

A spokeswoman named Amy Ford, who works for the Colorado Department of Transportation, told the USA Today that the milestone has been there as a traffic safety thing.

These signs prove to be really helpful on the road. But people keep stealing or ripping off the milestone without any specific reason. And this is not the first times that the milestones have been ripped off.

It is not just the 420 marker. According to the Associated Press, Cameron Pass in Larimer County also had to repeat the ‘MILE 69’ marker with a ‘MILE 68.5 marker’ to prevent theft of the milestone.