Microsoft Surface RT tablet price and specs review


Microsoft’s tablet ambitions keep taking baby steps towards the mainstream. Though Microsoft has enormous brand value and an extensive number of users, the company’s sales did not meet its own expectations which further led to price reductions and other sales incentives.

Microsoft surface is a series of tablets designed and marketed by Microsoft which was announced on June 18, 2012 by Steve Ballmer at a Los Angeles event.

Surface was basically the first major initiative by Microsoft to integrate its Windows operating system with its own hardware.

The Microsoft Surface tablet debuted in two models, Surface RT and Surface Pro. Surface RT uses an ARMv7 CPU Running windows RT.

The Microsoft Surface RT is now equipped with the new Windows RT 8.1 which further includes Microsoft Office RT, the user can get touch optimized version of the Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well.

The Microsoft Surface RT is fast, it doesn’t break down with genius keyboard functionality. The tablet has dimensions 10.81 x 6.77 x 0.37 in, with 32 GB and 64 GB storage capacity. The aspect ratio is 16:9 (widescreen) with a resolution of 1366×768.

The RAM in Microsoft Surface RT is 2GB with a full size 2.0 USB port and the Bluetooth 4.0 lets you connect to any accessories. The tablet comes in bright and bold colors and lets user to work faster and comfortably.

When closed, the cover turns off the surface display and protects it from any possible damage. The usage of Microsoft Surface RT has increased following its price drop to $350.