Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 again plagued with compatibility issues

Since the Internet Explorer 11 was released by Microsoft, compatibility issues have continued to plague the browser. Some of the customers have been complaining that Microsoft’s own browser is not compatible with one of its own products.

It was first time in October when users had raise issues about IE 11, complaining that the browser was improperly rendering a number of sites, including several Google properties and even its own

Although the reason behind these issues is not clear, Microsoft had released a patch to fix these issues. But now again Redmond’s latest and greatest browser has developed issues and once again it’s a Microsoft product that is taking the blow.

Daria Barteneva, a service engineer at Microsoft, reported on Thursday that customers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online are facing issues in running the initial configuration of the new Online instances of CRM including the free trials. A work around for this issue was also posted by Barteneva. However, it won’t be of much help for customers affected by this issue.

“Log in to MOP from a machine with an older IE version (IE10 for example) and rerun the configuration from there OR use compatibility view.”

Microsoft had introduced the Compatibility View as a mode that will make the latest version of IE behave like it was an earlier version, with the same rendering quirks and web standard compatibilities.

Another updated document listing IE 11’s compatibility with Dynamics CRM was also published by Microsoft’s support team. The document states the IE10 as the latest supported version of Internet Explorer. Moreover, it’s only the Desktop version that is supported and the touch-enabled Windows 8 Start Screen version is not compatible.

For users who have upgraded to Windows 8.1, they cannot do anything as there is no way to roll back to any previous version.

There has been no official word from Microsoft regarding when and if it plans to release a patch for either IE11 or Dynamics CRM that will improve compatibility between the two products.