Melissa Bachman and the dead lion photo on Twitter and Facebook page


The Internet exploded with anger and disgust last week when big game hunter Melissa Bachman posted a photo of herself sitting on a dead lion, a big grin on her face, on her Facebook and Twitter pages. Melissa Bachman stars in “Winchester Deadly Passion” on the Pursuit Channel.

In a post on the True to You fan-site, Davylhulme-born Morrissey wrote: “I am not ashamed to admit that newspaper photographs in recent days of American TV presenter Melissa Bachman laughing as she stands over a majestic lion that had been stalked and shot dead by Bachman herself left me tearful.”

According to the reports, about 250,000 signatures have been received which demand that she should be barred from entering South Africa entirely.

Also a Facebook page has been set up, called Stop Melissa Bachman which reads “Stop Trophy Hunting. Stop the murder of wildlife for the sport.

Stop Melissa Bachman and people like her from pulling the trigger”. The page has already received 276K likes. Bachman is no stranger to controversy. Last year she was dropped from the National Geographic series Ultimate Survivor Alaska after a petition blasted her for being a “contracted trophy killer”.

Conservationists say that this kill is particularly disturbing because the lion population is decreasing very rapidly, and if this keeps going on then lion could very well become extinct in just 10 years.

There has been no response from Bachman on this latest petition as yet and the facility to contact her through her website was also disabled at time of press.