Megalodon controversy in Shark Week


“Shark Week” is back, and this time the cable TV shark fest is being circled by some crisp controversy. Discovery Communications (DISCA), parent company of Discovery Channel kicked it off this year with “Megalodon.”

It’s a so-called “mockumentary” and now some diehard “Shark Week” fans are on the attack and had been boycotting the popular programming because the movie wasn’t “truthful” or “scientific.”

The “Shark Week” was defended by the executive director of the movie: “It’s one of the most controversial shark discussions of all time. It’s Ultimate Shark Week fantasy.”

On Sunday night “Megalodon” garnered 4.8 million viewers, the best rating for a single “Shark Week” episode ever. It’s a formula that has worked over and over since long time.

This concept was launched by Discovery 26 years ago which is amazing. Last year the week roped in over 21 million viewers. Porter Bibb, managing partner at Mediatech Capital Partners said it’s a huge hit with a certain section of the audience”.

Managing partner says “the scare factor” helps to get big ratings but it also allows the channel to test out other new ideas it’s working on like “Shark After Dark” a new late night talk show which made its debut on Sunday.

According to Los Angeles times More than two million viewers watched the show, a “respectable” showing. The company is keeping its fingers crossed hoping that they can end up with a compelling new program concept for late night viewers and they’re using ‘Shark Week’ as the platform to introduce the new concept.

Discovery Communications, with a market cap of $30 billion, is up 55% this year. “Shark Week” is also a social media phenomenon which gathered the attention of more than one million tweets on Sunday.