Mazda CX-5 auto brake system accident


An unusual test drive involving Mazda CX-5 led to a crash after a demo of its smart city braking system went skewed.

A customer and a dealership employee got injured in the accident. The stage for the test drive crash involving a Mazda CX-5 and the two folks was a dealer parking lot in Saitama, Japan.

This incident has made it very clear that self-driving cars may be the way of the future but the tech may still have to work out on some crimps.

The incident happened on 10th of November, when a Mazda CX-5 fitted with Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) ran into a fence during a demonstration of its new safety feature. Without wasting any time, Mazda quickly acknowledged and responded the incident in a press release with all the currently available detailing of the incident.

An investigation has been launched to determine the root cause and the maker of the car is also ready to support, so that a protective measure can be implemented to circumvent the reoccurring of any such incident.

All the demonstrative test drives has been suspended by Mazda, until the cause of the incident has been recognized and countermeasures has been taken.

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) is a safety pack that functions between 4-30km/h and automatically applies the brakes when objects ahead to the car are detected by a near-infrared laser.

The car owner who have an autonomous braking CX-5 or other Mazda cars fitted with the system are advised not to rely completely on the system until the issue is resolved. Though there have been no reports of any malfunctions of the SCBS system occurring on public roads.