Mass Effect 4 release date still unknown while features and specs rumors continue to surface


Previously IGN had said that according to Bioware that Mass Effect 4 would have no relation with any of the previous versions of the game. Lead writer of Mass Effect 3, Mac Walters has said during a very recent interview that the new game will stand out on its own.

He stated that Shepard will not make an appearance in the game but simultaneously Mass Effect 4 will not be just a spin off from the other versions.

So now we know that what we should not expect, but the question is what should we expect? This was stated recently during an interview with Complex. It was also mentioned by Bioware that the game would not have the name Mass Effect 4.

Even though Bioware faced a lot of criticism, they tried to address this with the Extended cut DLC.

However, there are no plans of tweaking things any further as they now want to channelize all their focus and energy on the upcoming game and not on a game that is over 19 months old now. They need to move forward now.

It was also mentioned by Walters that Mass Effect 3 had received mixed responses. Some of the people liked the end, while others found their heart strings being tugged and some got upset.

While there were many who thought the ending was apt. Walter also pointed to the fact that it was the right time to move out Shepard from the picture now.

So at the moment we do not know much about the game and all is a mystery. The only things that we know are what is not coming with the game.

The Director of Bioware over in Montreal has said that everyone has been working hard on the game and that more information would make its way out soon.