Mark Cuban calls Alex Rodriguez A-Rod’s penalty too harsh


Mark Cuban has tried several times to get into the MLC owner’s club but his initial efforts had been rejected and then he was outbid in his attempt to purchase the Rangers in a bankruptcy auction. After this incident it seemed that Cuban had given up on the idea of buying a baseball team.

But it seems there is some flare left and he is still interested in the MLB. Last night he was there at ‘The Tonight Show’ and Alex Rodriguez’s suspension came up. Though Cuban acknowledged that A-Rod should be suspended but he believes that MLB is changing its rules midway so that A-Rod can have a harsh penalty.

He went on saying that it has become Bud Selig’s mafia. It is run the way he wants it to run. He also said that he was trying to buy the Rangers in a fair auction with his hard earned money but they did everything they could to stop him from buying the team. Lawyers were trying to change the rules and they had people ready to put up more money.

The whole idea of the open auction of any team in MLB is to get as much money as possible. So Cuban’s statement ‘they had people trying to put up more money’ is a little hollow. It is quite possible that the league had been ganging up on him, but at that time he had walked away from the auction because the money had went too high for him.