Madden 25 demo is available for download at the Playstation and Xbox 360 websites

The Madden 25 demo is now on hand for download on Gen 3 from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Store. The latest demo release on August 27 includes two playable features, other than these two never-before-seen videos to get you propelled up for the full video game release of Madden NFL 25.

By visiting the Xbox 360 or PlayStation websites, Fans can learn how to download the demo of the game. First up is the Skills Trainer, a brand new addition to the Madden NFL franchise.

We have included four key drills that will help get you ready for the full release. Precision Modified Running, Total Control Passing, The Option, and Ball Hawk are included in football drills.

Precision Modified Running and Option drills will be the two areas of prominence, as those will give players the most control as the ball carrier.

It is a possibility that slight learning curve will be there with these new mechanics, but then it will pay off and you will quickly see the improvements you make to your stick skills.


The moment Skills Trainer is mastered; it will be the time to check out the two Play Now matchups in the demo. The gamer can easily choose the Super Bowl XLVII rematch between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, or the Seattle Seahawks against the Green Bay Packers.

Madden demo also includes two brand-new videos. The first video features a broadcasting of Owner Mode featuring New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft.

Mr. Kraft’s words will certainly get you propelled up and excited to become an owner in Connected Franchise. The other video is a collection of some of the new Madden 25 features like Madden Share, Madden Ultimate Team (including Team Chemistry), and Head-to-Head Seasons.

By ordering Madden NFL 25 in advance Gamers can celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game and can receive exclusive Franchise Packs for your Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team!