Lisa Robin Kelly died

Lisa Robin Kelly, 43, was best known for her supporting role in ‘In That ‘70s show’. She died on Wednesday at a Los Angeles addiction treatment facility where she was being treated for her drug addiction.

No official cause of the death was reported. The blonde actress portrayed Laurie Forman, an attractive, older and college-age sister of the lead character Eric Foreman.

She co-starred Topher Grace in about 50 episodes of the series. She was later replaced by Christina Moore in the sixth season.

Lisa, unlike her co-stars – Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, fell out of the spotlight until she started making headlines for personal trouble.


According to Lisa’s agent she had voluntarily checked herself into a treatment facility to fight her drug addiction problems that have plagued her these past few years.

He further added that when he last spoke to her on Monday, she was confident and hopeful and was looking forward to end this dark part of her life. However, she lost the battle and died on Wednesday night.

In addition to drug addiction Lisa was also facing emotional turmoil. She was beaten by her estranged husband last May who tried to obtain residual money from her show.

Lisa filed for divorce in July. According to sources Lisa was brought to rehab again on Monday by her boyfriend but she went into cardiac arrest on Wednesday night and could not be saved.

The emergency responders found needle marks on both of Lisa’s arms. According to the hospital Lisa had a .34 blood alcohol level.