Lindsay Lohan ready to sue Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan is all set to file a lawsuit over one of the most popular video games in the market currently, Grand Theft Auto V on the grounds of using the troubled actress’ picture in the game without prior permission.

It was confirmed by TMZ that The Canyons actress has asked her lawyers to prepare a lawsuit to sue Rockstar entertainment for using her image.

It is still a mystery that what led to Lohan sighting her eyes on the GTA V, but there could have been a few possibilities.

In the game, a blonde, bikini clad woman is shown holding her cellphone, and probably Lohan thought of the women to be herself.

However, most of the users have compared the image to Kate Upton or Shelby Welinder. In a couple of missions there is a character that resembles Lindsay Lohan, one of the instances being when you try to help a female celebrity avoid paparazzi.

However, Lindsay isn’t the only member of the Lohan family to knock the doors of the court. Her father Michael, had a tell-all book by ex-wife Dina Lohan banned from being publish, as reported by Daily Mail.

Michael has demanded to see the manuscript in its entirety before even allowing the publisher, i.e., Birdstreet Books, release the book. The book carries the title ‘A Parent Trapped’ and the book is about how Dina was often treated as a bad mother.

It seems like TMZ has somehow managed to obtain a copy of the manuscript which mentions Lindsay’s troubles being blamed on others, including her friends, her career and her handlers.