Lawful Interception Recovery Fee

Lawful Interception Recovery Fee has been a topic of debate across the web lately. Citizens have an unpleasant knowledge that Uncle Sam is kind of a spy who listens to our phone calls and reads out twitter posts just to save it in a vault for 20 years to bring it out at a wedding someday.

The topic has gained momentum when a picture, showing a phone bill where $0.23 is charged just because NSA is spying on you, was uploaded.


Won’t it make angry and impatient to know that you are being charge to have your own privacy violated without your permission.

The picture has gone viral on face-book and other social media since the first week of August
The message, however, is a fake and no such thing as “lawful interception fee” exists.

A closer interception of the message revealed various anomalies. Firstly, there are only five items but 6 surcharge amounts are listed. Secondly, the surcharge amounts do not add up to the listed total.

The two reasons are enough to proof that the picture is a photo-shopped version of an old AT & T bill to show supposed lawful interception fee. In addition to the above stated reasons another reason to ponder about is that why only the same picture is being circulated.

If there was such a thing like ‘lawful interception fee’, the internet should have been flooded with thousands of images of bills showing the same thing.

To solve the matter, AT&T was directly contacted, where a representative confirmed that they do not include any such surcharge in customer bills.