Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell’s Baby


According to a new report Simon Cowell is going to be a father soon. He is expecting a baby with the New York socialist Lauren Silverman, who also happens to be the wife of his friend Andrew Silverman.

Simon Cowell, the X Factor creator, is said to have gotten close to Lauren after she parted ways with her husband. So far, Cowell has refused to comment on this shocking revelation.

Tom Bower, X Factor’s boss, however said that Simon has decided to start a new life with Lauren, who now has become his soul mate. “Lauren is happy as Simon, who once hated children, is taking fatherhood seriously”, says Bower.

Bower further reflected on the romantic yacht trips that the pair had along with Lauren’s husband. Lauren’s husband, Andrew, said that he knows that Simon and Lauren shared a connection but he had no idea how deep that connection was.

Andrew, on the other hand, stated in the US weekly that his main priority is taking care of his 7 years old child and resolving issues with his wife. Andrew has filed divorce papers two weeks ago and has accused Lauren of adultery.

Lauren and Simon were facing problems with their marriage and hence decided to get a divorce. When Simon was asked about his sudden expectant dad status he pretended to inquire if he is missing something as he has not seen the face of newspaper in the past days. But in the end he said that he would like to keep the matter private for the moment.