Largest Libraries In The World

Largest Libraries In The WorldThe Largest Libraries In The World are the cluster of knowledge. Books are the true companion of a person.

Charles W. Eliot once quoted that,“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends, they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers”.

Books are the source of transferring wisdom and knowledge to the peoples who approaches it. Libraries are the houses of knowledge that contains books of various topics and author. As discussion is a healthy source of knowledge, and library is one center where you can get loads of knowledge. Here are the list of Top 10 largest libraries in the world.

Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences

On the 10 position is the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences have about 20.5 million items dedicated to the employees of the institute. The Russian Ancient library was established in the year 1714 and has the atlas of Russian Empire and includes 18,615 manuscripts. The rare books collection is a hub of various books in terms of knowledge.

Bibliotheque Nationale de France

Established in 1461 as the Royal Library, located in Paris and finally in 1792 became BnF. Bibliotheque Nationale de France has a collection of 31 million books, antiques like coins and medals. After a year, 150,000 documents are added in the national library. It has a digital library which covers millions of documents. The national library is a vast source for the people of Paris and gaining fame as the time progresses.

National Library of China

Due to its wide collection of books, it is on 8th spot. Asia’s largest library was founded in year 1909 by the Qing government. National Library of China has the largest collection of Chinese books as well as books in more than 115 different languages making a worthy place to visit. Rare books, documents, maps, government publications etc. many it special as a library.

Royal Danish Library

Royal Danish Library is the property of the state of Denmark and associated to the University of Copenhagen. About 33 million total collection and having 3 branches in the countries, is the largest library in Nordic countries. Thus vast collection of the library includes 6.1 million books of journals, 18.5 million prints and photographs and 393 thousand GB of digital material.

National Diet Library

The only Japanese National library located in Tokyo is the Largest Libraries In The World and most comprehensive in terms of collections. Its assemblage includes 9.9 million books, 10 million periodicals, 669 thousand sound recordings and 541 thousand maps. National Diet Library has 27 branches nationwide and possess ancient heritage related to Second World War and old Japanese writing pieces. The Japanese national library holds number 6 spot on our list of top 10 largest libraries of the world.

National Library of Russia

The name of the library varied with changing time but currently is called National Library of Russia, the second largest library of Russia, located in St Peters-burg. The oldest library of the state was established in 1795, having collection of 43 million accumulated items. Prominent collection of this library includes St. Peter-burg Bede, Trebizond Gospel, and Ostromir Gospel.

Russian State Library

Located in Moscow, established in 1862 is the Russian Largest Libraries In The World state owned library. Russian State Library almost entertains 200 peoples registration per day. Collection includes 17 million books, 13 million journals, 350 thousands sound recording, 150,000 maps and many more. Total of about 43 million items in 247 different languages.

New York Public Library

Serving the peoples of the world for more than 100 years, the third largest library of the world and second in the United States of America. Spreading its 91 branches nationwide, the public library of New York has a collection of 51.3 million items. Sorted in more than 100 categories like “Women’s Studies”, “Baseball”, “Theater” etc. is the most comprehensive free of cost library. The knowledge hub was established in 1895.

British Library

The second Largest Libraries In The World has a collection of 150 million articles and about 3 million items are added regularly per year. The treasure include a vast collection manuscripts such as Magna Carta, Leonardo di Vinci’s notebook, Beetles and much more. If a person regularly read 5 items a day, it will take him 80,000 years to go through the vast collection of the National Library of United Kingdom. Located in London the library’s collection includes 310,000 manuscripts, 260,000 journal titles and about 60 million patents.

Library of Congress

The Library belongs to the United States Congress for research work. Established in 1800, Library of Congress is the largest library in the work with respect to space and collection of books. Having 151 million items, it is located in Washington D.C. Located in four buildings and having 34.5 catalog books and also printed in 470 different languages. The largest library contains largest collection of maps, sound recordings, legal sheets and music sheets.