Lady Gaga rants about her latest single “The Applause”


Lady Gaga’s upcoming single “Applause” is leaked as per a source. Lady gaga is in the rage because of the leaked single of the album “ARTPOP”.

Lady gaga questioned the listeners about the leaked single on twitter as why the listener’s couldn’t wait for the album to get released.

The track was set to be released on August 19 but was leaked this weekend. Gaga revealed on twitter that video for the song ‘Applause” is complete.

As the star is on the wheelchair, she has cancelled the dates as well as postponed her album “ARTPOP” and this album will be aired in the November. This will be the first album for the singer after “2011 Born This Way”.

She recently underwent a hip surgery in February and it will be first time she is performing after her surgery which will mark a major victory for her.

The website Tumblr on which “Applause” clips were leaked are deleted now. But there is no idea about the person who is responsible behind it said by a source.

As reported by the Left Coast News, an unauthorized clip has been posted by someone from lady Gaga’s camp. But the rumor is not yet confirmed.

The team, however, said that they are quite happy with the song and are leaning towards believing that the leak is from Team Gaga in response to Katy Perry’s new song. The team said that Gaga likes Katy Perry and cannot stand the fact that her new music is getting more attention.