Lady Gaga hits out at Perez Hilton


With the recent feud between Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton, it seems that, once known to be each other’s best friends, Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton might have cancelled their girly sleepover and hangouts.

Gaga has made a series of tweets against Perez and has blamed him for stalking and harassing her. According to the tweet by Lady Gaga, she said that Perez needs to stay away from her and her family and he should not stalk her by renting an apartment in her building.

Gaga was stuck on a wheel chair earlier this year after breaking her hip. Now when she is back on her legs, she has some serious revenge to attend to.

She recently posted on twitter that she still has the message that Perez sent to her when she had that accident. According to Gaga, the message showed her in a wheelchair with the words “karma” written across and Madonna pointing a gun at her. Even her fans have started sending hateful messages to Hilton.

In response to Gaga’s statement, Hilton released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter saying that he is hurt as his former best friend who he used to call her “wifey” is making such false and untrue statements regarding him. He says he would love to be called as a critic rather than a stalker.

According to a source Hilton had no idea that Gaga lives in the same building in which he rented his new apartment. However, no one has confirmed the actual validity of her claims.