Kindle Paperwhite eReader features, specs review, and price tag


The new Kindle Paperwhite eReader is much faster and lighter as compared to the previous model. The device is seriously optimised for fatigue-free reading.

The interface of the device has become much smoother. It features a 6 inch display that will have a 212 ppi density. The glare-free screen on the new Kindle Paperwhite improves readibility in direct sunlight.

Amazon created the Kindle to exploit the market for ebooks. Amazon’s cloud maintains the library so if the Kindle gets upgraded or crushed, user can still reload his library.

Cloud based applications are supported along with the popular reading application Goodreads. The new Kindle Paperwhite carries the same dimensions as its predecessor apart from being a bit lighter in weight.

The Touch response in the Kindle Paperwhite has improved significantly by 19% which speeds up page turns and other operations. The device is offered around $179 and delivers free 3G wireless connectivity.

The device can be charged through a bundled microUSB cable which takes about 4 hours. The Kindle Paperweight provides a full eight weeks of reading after a full charge.

The device comes integrated with New Oxford American Dictionary boasting over 250,000 entries and definitions. The text size and fonts are adjustable in the Kindle Paperwhite.

User can edit, delete the notes which they have added in the margins of any books they are reading. The device can also be used to boost the vocabulary as it tracks and compiles the list of words the user has looked up in the past. Amazon also provides 180,000 free e-books in its online store.