Killzone: Shadow Fall and PS4 launch – Review


KillZone: Shadow Fall and 22 other games have recently been launched for the PlayStation4 and the next-generation of gameplay and visuals on the PlayStation home console has taken the game community by storm.

Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack are the two retail PS4 exclusives left to choose after DriveClub got delayed and Infamous: Second Son missing the launch.

Killzone: Shadow Fall takes place after 30 years since the catastrophic events. Those events took place in the end of Killzone 3 which almost wiped out the race of Helghast and left Helghan Planet in stambles.

The rest of the remaining peoples from Helghast then take refuge on Planet Vekta and take up their planet partially. Since the two races at odds cannot co-exist, so they are separated by a huge wall.

The two sides conspire against each other and a continuous war leaves the whole planet and its residents in misery, terror and chaos. And to shoot up the feuding, a rebel group decides to hit the Vektan residents.

This rebel group now kidnaps the engineer and scientist that created the weapon that led to the destruction in Helghast and they plan to use the same to get rid of Vekta of the Vektanians so that the Helghasts can live there freely. And to save their planet and their existence, the Vektans send in Lucas Kellan, a selected agent of the Shadow Marshals.

Lucas soon learns that the plans of the both sides are equally despicable and dangerous. So he decides to kill Massar, the scientist, to stop the deadly weapon from falling into the hands of either side of the fighting and for that he teams up with a half breed female descendant of Visari.