Killer Instinct and Xbox One launch


Killer Instinct is a return to the series which will retain its traditional combo-based game-play. Developed by Double Helix Games under supervision of Ken Lobb, the game was announced during Microsoft’s E3 2013 press event, and was released exclusively as a launch game for the Xbox One on November 22, 2013.

Killer Instinct, a Rare classic made modern by the power of next-generation processors. It is out now for Xbox One, but the game is currently limited to a roster of just six characters.

It is a free-to-play launch game. You only get tormented ninja Jago as the first playable character. You can unlock four more stages, various outfit colors and accessories with in-game points or netting in-game accomplishments called fight titles.

Fighters must empty an opponent’s health bar twice to win, which happens within one continuous match as opposed to separate rounds. There’s also a special meter that gives players additional attacks or power boosts.

A launch trailer has confirmed that the seventh character, Spinal will be available in January. Additionally the eighth character is actually Fulgore who will be released to the fighting game in March next year.

He is one of the 11 characters that were included in the original Killer Instinct game that was released way back in 1994. Fulgore is often chimed as an enemy of Jago, a quite loved character in the game.

It has also been shared that the free character will be rotated during the first season. However once all of the characters are released, you can access each other character for an additional $4.99 each (or all for $20). There’s even an Ultra Edition that packs in the original arcade game for $40.