Kanye West’s Bound 2 parody video starring Seth Rogen and James Franco


And here is yet another out of many hot, warming and crying out loud funny spoof of none other than the latest raging video Bound 2 starring Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Bound 3 as they call it, is reshot into an altogether different level by James Franco who plays Kanye West and Seth Rogen playing Kim Kardashian.

Yes, that’s correct Seth is playing sexy and topless Kim Kardashian. They have got everything, the Grand Canyon, the horses, the motorbike, the make out scene.

They sort of take a whole new meaning when it’s these two. And guess what the twitter queen Kim K herself tweeted, “You nailed it!!! So Funny!” and posted the video on her twitter page.

The thing to appreciate is Seth’s expressions of all, getting those chilly and romantic Kim K’s eyes. Franco and Rogen totally nailed it.

This hilarious video from Seth and James recreates shot for shot the controversial video “Bound 2”. By shot for shot means, Seth popping off his shirt, going top less, making out with James on motor bike and at one point even locks lips with his co-star. It is crazy and gross and wild.

James and Seth while on the set of their movie, The Interview, felt inspired and recreated the Bound -3. The video went viral when James posted it on his twitter page.

Well, one person who probably thinks it’s not funny is Kanye West. He notably doesn’t like making fun of his video as he is so serious about his work.