Justine Sacco apologizes after being fired from IAC for racist AIDS tweets


Justine Sacco, a former PR executive, sparked a firestorm of controversy by posting a highly insensitive tweet about AIDS in Africa, which she later referred to as a ‘needless and careless tweet’ in her apology on Sunday.

Sacco gave a written apology for her reckless act which read, “I apologize for being insensitive to this crisis — which does not discriminate by race, gender or sexual orientation, but which terrifies us all uniformly — and to the millions of people living with the virus, I am ashamed.”

She also mentioned in her apology that her father is a native of South Africa only and she was upset as she had hurt so many people there.

She said that she was extremely sorry for the pain she had caused. The tweet read, “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” Immediately it came to the media company IAC and they parted ways with Sacco.

According to an IAC spokesman, the comment was highly offensive and does not reflect the values and views of IAC. Therefore, the issue was being taken very seriously, and the company parted ways with the employee in question.

He added that there can be no excuse for such hateful comments and the company was really ashamed. He added that Sacco as an individual has been known to be highly decent and with time and the forgiving human nature, she will be forgiven.

Sacco had tweeted this before she left for Cape Town, South Africa, on Friday and it immediately went viral and created a social firestorm.