Justin Timberlake defends Miley Cyrus performance at the MTV VMA 2013


Justin Timberlake, a former Disney star like Miley, has no idea why everyone is so chirpy about Miley Cyrus raunchy MTV VMAs performance with Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines singer.

Miley was seen grinding on Robin Thicke while wearing a gold rubber bikini. The singer merged her song “We can’t stop” with Robin’s “Blurred Lines” during the performance.

The performance led US lobby group The Parents Television Council to launch a complaint saying that the performance was not suitable for children below 14 years.

The council said in a statement that MTV had continued to sexually exploit women by making them wear nude colored bikinis and how can that be suitable for 14 years old children.

Defending Miley, the “Suit and Tie” singer said in an interview to Jim Douglas, radio host, that what else can you expect at VMAs. Miley is growing up and what is wrong if she is conveying the same to the world.

Justin further added that VMAs has always been provocative and Miley’s performance was not so odd. “It’s not that she performed such an act at Grammy’s” was his straight remark.

Timberlake isn’t the only person who is defending Miley. The other one who is standing in Miley’s defense is none other than her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. He says regardless of what happens in this circus (referring to the show industry) he will always be there for his little girl.

Despite of all the negative feedback that Miley got, she seems quite thrilled with the outcome of he show and has shared her experience via Twitter.