Justin Bieber slept with a prostitute named Gaby del Campo? – Latest Rumors and News


Earlier this week, a video surfaced which showed Justin Bieber sleeping in bed. The video that looks a lot like Justin Bieber lying on an unmade bed has surfaced. On the other hand, a Brazilian prostitute claims, that the singer did a lot more in bed than merely sleep during his recent visit to the South American country.

Stories similar to this will not finish off what remains of Justin’s clean Christian image. He was the one pop star whom tweenies’ can adore without alarming their parents.

After the reports claiming that the star spent hours inside a brothel last Friday night came out, an anonymous hooker made a statement claiming that she totally slept with the superstar. She said that she was paid $500 for her efforts, allegedly and that she met Justin at an adult nightclub called Le Palace.

In the same statement she said that, she and about 10 other hookers were then taken back to his hotel and had their bags and cell phones taken away by the artist’s security team.

The hooker said that “I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything!” she asserts, claiming that the hookup continued for an hour and it was “delicious,” rather “It was super delicious,” Alas, she says the singer’s penis is merely “average.”

The singer, for now, finds himself in legal hot water, but not merely for possibly maybe having crazy yummy sex with at least one Brazilian hooker, which the reports suggests. The singer is also facing vandalism charges in that country.