Justin Bieber Cocaine Scandal: Cocaine found in plain view at Justin Bieber’s mansion

During an investigation into an egging case at Justin Bieber’s Calabasas mansion on Tuesday, detectives found cocaine in plain view at the place and arrested one of Justin’s associates on charges of possession of drugs.

The person was not immediately identified by the L.A. County sheriff but it was confirmed that it was not Bieber and the drug they found was definitely Cocaine.

The sheriff said in a press conference after the arrest was made that the detectives were looking for other evidence but they found the cocaine in plain view.

The detectives were looking for evidence related to Thursday’s egging incident in which Bieber was a suspect.

The officials reported that the incident was categorized as a felony as the house owner reported a damage worth $20,000 to his property. Thompson said, “The felony comes from the dollar amount of the damage.”

Beginning 8 a.m. almost a dozen detectives began searching Justin’s mansion, and eight people including Justin, were detained inside.

So many detectives had to be involved in the search as the officials didn’t know what to expect, however, everyone was cooperative.

Justin’s lawyer was not present during the search but his security was there. Thompson also said that the egging left significant damage to the paint, wood and brick to the house of Justin’s neighbor.

The officials stated that it was usual to detain the people present while a search warrant was being served.

This egging incident counts for the latest clash between the pop star and his neighbors. Justin has been constantly accused by his neighbors of throwing loud parties and driving at high speed in the neighborhood over the entire last year.