Justin Bieber and North Korea: The Truth of all These Things

What’s with Justin Beiber that made him the favorite in the trends for several times already? We all know that he’s famous because of his talent. Why can’t other people stick with it and be happy for him. This young actor is just sharing what he got to world and whether you like it or not, he has been the source of happiness to a lot of people.

It is indeed true that fame ain’t everything. It you’re famous, along with it are those intrigues that would bring you down. You can’t please everyone as they say. The young Beiber has been the favorite of prankters lately. 4Chan is identified to be one of it.

This young actor has connected to all his fans all along. Loves to Google about himself and making polls for him to know what would his fans want him to do. The latest of these polls is the question where would be his next tour destination. It has spread like a virus, from the 24th spot, North Korea is now on the top spot for his next destination. Then the rest of the story like he doesn’t want to be there has been spreading tremendously. Just like when rumors that he contracted syphillis, involvement in scandals, racial slurs, a handful of death reports that even included his mom.

One thing is sure about all of these, Bieber doesn’t hate Koreans, loves his fans all over the globe, and such rumors are fabricated to grab attention. On possible solution is to just ignore it.