Julian Assange Talks About WikiLeaks on Dateline

The entire security of the War on Terror in Afghanistan had reached a new level as more than 90,000 Arfghan war documents were released online by WikiLeaks.org. The main person behind all of the documents, Julian Assange.

Mark Davis and the crew from SBS’s Dateline will get up, close and personal with the man behind WikiLeaks.org and find out what led him to found the website and leak potentially life threatening documents.

For one month they will follow Assange as he had been on the run since the release of the Afghan war documents on WikiLeaks.org. Davis will personally try to feel how it’s like to be someone like Assange who had been on the run. They would also follow up with him regarding the claims that he put lives at risk and the next big project he might be planning.

Personally Mark Davis says that he had been impressed by the coolness of Julian Assange even in the face of all the controversy and threat he is facing because of WIkiLeaks.org.

Assange denies that he is the founder of WikiLeaks.org and says that it is an organization and instead he says that he is just one of many who maintains and supports the site. This idea and reasoning however had not been bought by meadia.

“Wikileaks is an organisation, but it’s not huge and he play a large part in it,” says Assange.

Curious enough? If you want to see and witness Julian Assange and the experience of Mark Davis with him tune in this Sunday, August 1, 2010 on Dateline, SBS One, 8:30pm.