Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence shares similar new haircut


Jennifer Lawrence can never go wrong. The American actress is always super self-confident on the red carpet and she never seems to care what other people think about her.

Recently stars like Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Hudson have gone through major hair makeovers, and it can also be seen a “Jennifer” trend, but everyone is loving J-Law’s new chop.

The actress joked on that she chopped off her hair to annoy Director Francis Lawrence, during a Global Google+ Hangout which took place on Nov. 6. She also said that “I just did it to make Francis mad. I did it just to annoy him. He totally thought it was me giving him the finger. But it’s not. It’s just fried from being dyed so much.”

‘This is the season to cut your hair! At least that is the case with some of the bold celebs including Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston, who have walked out with brand new hair ‘dos!

A source close to the actress revealed that, although the new cut is quite shocking for everyone, but the Oscar winner has already adjusted to life without her long locks and “She loves it!”

According to the sources, As for Aniston’s brave new bob, some of us know that her man Chris McMillan, who is a Living Proof celebrity stylist, was responsible for the chop! There was also a News saying that the actress “just wanted a change every so often like every other girl,” and clearly mentioned that it was a spontaneous decision.