Jared Remy, son of Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, arrested


Jared Remy, 34, is charged with murder and domestic assault in killing Jennifer Martel, his girlfriend.

The murder took place just a day after Jared was released on no bail for assaulting his girlfriend.

The police were called back to the townhouse in Waltham where they found Martel bleeding in the fenced-in patio and covered with stabbed wounds.

Her body was shirtless and covered in blood with stab wounds to her front left shoulder area as well as wounds to her neck. Jared also had his clothes soaked in her blood and was arrested after he held his hands over his head and surrendered.

Benjamin Ray, a resident of the complex in which Martel lived, tried to help her by trying to pull Reddy away from her. But Ray was driven back when Jared began to strike him with knife. Ray said that it was not an easy thing to watch and definitely was not an easy thing to stop.

He called Martel a great girl and a great mom. Jared and Martel had a 4 years old daughter who was in the apartment and witnessed the whole incident. The kid is now in the care of child welfare officials.

Martel’s mother said that if only the police officials had kept him in custody that night, her daughter wouldn’t have been dead. Friends and relatives of Martel said that she was trying hard to free herself and her daughter from an abusive relationship with Jared.

Boston Red Sox broadcaster and Jared’s father, Jerry Remy, tweeted on Saturday that he could not describe his disgust and remorse over this tragic act.