Jailbreak iPhone Cydia tweaks won’t be needed for iOS 7

As iOS has evolved gradually over all these years, it has been adding all the new features to its mobile platform which were once possible only after jailbreaking a device.

Now there are only a few weeks left before the iOS 7 hits the iDevices and Apple will continue its tradition. Here are some Cydia tweaks which will already be there in the iOS 7.

Auxo (replaced by Control Center and multitasking)
Auxo iOS task switches has been one of the most popular tweak among iPhone users and offers live preview of active apps, swipe-to-delete, quick buttons for connectivity as well as brightness control.

SBSettings (replaced by Control Center)
SBSettings provides easy access to key settings with just the help of a gesture. In iOS 7, Control Center offers nearly the same functionality. 

DeepEnd/3DBoard (replaced by new parallax effect)
3D parallax effect which has been introduced in iOS 7 is a splashy visual that creates depth in an otherwise flattened new environment. It gives the iPhone home screen a two layered appearance- one with flat icons floating above wallpaper which appears to be set deeper.

Clockify (replaced by Clock app)
Clockify provide the users with a home screen clock icon which kept real time. So does the new Clock app in iOS 7.

UnlockFX (replaced by new lockscreen)
UnlockFX provided users with different unlocking animations that can swirl, fly left and move in other directions and after six years Apple decided to offer its own spin on things with the new lockscreen. It also includes full notifications and Control center access as well.

Auto App Updater (replaced by App Store)
Auto App Updates made it all easy by automatically handling all the App updates. But the App Store in iOS 7 gives the same features.

Multifl0w (replaced by multitasking)
Multifl0w provided multitasking in a way similar to the card-oriented way Palm/WebOS provided it. Now Apple has taken a similar approach in iOS 7.

Call Blocker (replaced by native call blocking)
There is a feature in iOS 7 beta which includes a setting for call blocking and if it is available in the final version then there would be no need for Call Blocker anymore.