Jailbreak iOS 7 would become the need as in the case with iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 in your iPhone 5, 4, 4s, and 3gs

Despite of all the features which are being provided in the iOS 7 there are still quite a few reasons to jailbreak your device. Still a plenty of hacks, big and small, are unavailable in the iOS. It totally depends on the individual that whether these are worth jailbreaking or not.

Still Apple provides no support for skins and icon themes for the iOS. This is the reason Winterboard is the first application downloaded when people access Cydia the first time.

Other people are looking for things to boost the performance of their iPhones, so they go with Nitrous. This hack speeds up the apps which use the WebKit layout engine by accessing the native Nitro JavaScript engine, which is solely intended for apps like Safari and iBooks.

And still there are several features which would require jailbreaking your iDevice. Some of them are:
– Dashboard X to use widgets
– Rename to rename apps
– BrowserChanger to change the default browser
– MyWi or TetherMe to tether laptops without a subscription
– NowNow to try out Google Now like features
– iUsers to create multiple user accounts
– BiteSMS for quickly replying to text messages
– AdBlocker for blocking ads

These are some of the several reasons why jailbreakers are eager to get their hands on the iOS 7 jailbreak. There are rumors that the iOS 7 beta has already been jailbroken successfully. But we won’t see any iOS 7 jailbreak till the official launch.

But for other users whose primary aim for jailbreaking was to be able to use apps like SBSettings or Multifl0w, they won’t require to jailbreak their iDevice anymore as these features would be inbuilt in the iOS 7.