Jabra Extreme boasts absolute noise cancellation

Building upon Jabra’s renowned noise cancellation technology, this new product uses Noise Blackout Extreme, which significantly enhances its dual microphone system. This is supported by the new advanced automatic volume control which automatically adjusts to the environment and your conversation.

Jabra Extreme’s SRP is only $80 USD, effect June 28, 2010. The Extreme plants the company’s latest audio technology in a lightweight shell to create an excellent-sounding unit that’s ready for the noise of World War III or a Disco Hall.

These developments have led Jabra Extreme to be remarkably 2x more effective in noisy environments than the original Noise Blackout.

The company says that its Noise Blackout Extreme noise cancellation technology reduces extraneous sounds twice as well as the Noise Blackout technology used in older Jabra headsets.

What will further amaze end-users is the voice quality. It eliminates ambient noise it retains natural sounding voice on both ends of the line ensuring your conversation is full of life rather than a robotic exchange of words.

And oh, the distinctive Ultimate-fit Eargel molds to your ear which ensures a secure and comfortable fit all day long. The Ultimate-fit Eargel also contains specially designed holes for optimum incoming sound, which adds to this wireless headset’s superb overall sound quality.