Is Samsung competing with Google Glasses for smart eyewear?


Samsung Electronics Co. has recently filed a patent which depicts that the Korean tech giant is working a device it calls sports glasses in a possible response to Google’s Internet connected eyewear, known as Google Glasses.

Samsung has filed a design patent at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, which shows a design for smartphone-connected glasses which can display information from your smartphone.

The patent also says that the eye glasses can even play music and receive phone calls through tiny earphones built into the eye frame of the glasses. It also gives hands-free control over the smartphone.

The design will definitely remind you of the Google Glasses. Sketch of the designs show a thumbnail sized display over the left eyeglass. Google glasses have a tiny display over the right eye glass that shows information and even allows you to browse internet.

The patent did not clearly state that whether Samsung’s eyewear would be equipped with touch controls and camera similar to Google Glasses and neither did it state that will it have the ability to connect directly to the internet or will it have to be dependent on a smartphone.

The name and description of the patent hint towards an eye wear designed for sports or other outdoor activities. Samsung is still to respond to emails and calls seeking comments.

Google is currently busy testing its Google Glasses with 10,000 people in US. Google had showcased its eye wear in June last year. The early prototype can take pictures, record videos, navigate maps and does not require a smartphone to function.

Samsung had recently introduced a smartphone connected watch, the Galaxy Gear. Even Sony had announced a smartwatch and we are still watching for Apple to release their iWatch.