Is Mila Kunis Expecting Ashton Kutcher’s Baby?

Mila Kunis Expecting Ashton KutcherThe latest gossip news in the entertainment industry is the gossip that Mila Kunis is expecting a child. If the gossip is true, it will be an eventful year for Mila and her fiancé, Ashton Kutcher. The earlier news of the two lovebird’s engagement was big news, but expecting a baby so soon is great news. Kutcher is known as wanting a family of his own after being father to his Ex Demi Moore’s daughters for years.

Entertainment news made the announcement on March 23 and it is too soon to know if that is true. However, Mila was seen during the last couple of pictures taken wearing only bulky loose fitting tops. What further makes the gossip news more than just gossip is the fact that Mila was spotted attending prenatal yoga classes instead of her usual yoga.

The couple has been dating for several years even before his official divorce from Demi Moore late in 2013. Earlier this year Kutcher finally popped the question, recent pictures shows Kunis sporting a new diamond ring on her ring finger. Although Ashton Kutcher said to Online Reporter that they are not using any contraceptives against having a baby, he did not indicate that they actually plan to have a baby straight away.

The couple has known another over 15 years and played the part of a couple in That 70’s Show, but did not indulge in any off-line romance. The real-life romance was only in recent years after Kutchers split from Demi Moore. They have not been spotted after the news broke and no confirmation yet from either of the two, but if it is true, they will have a busy year. Planning a wedding as they confirmed the date will be later in 2014, except the exact date. With a baby on the way it may be sooner rather than later.