Iranian Scientist Shahram Amiri Free to Leave and Not Abducted

It has been insisted by Tehran that Iranian scientist, Shahram Amiri, who surfaced at a Pakistani embassy building, had been abducted by US agents. This accusation has been strongly denied by the state department. The US insists that the Iranian Nuclear scientist turned in the US voluntarily and is free to leave any time.

Amiri has been gone for a year already and he has posted three contradicting videos about his status in the US. He said in the first that he had been kidnapped by US and Saudi agents, in the second that he was living freely in Arizona, and in the third that he had escaped from his captors.

P J Crowley, the State department spokesman said: “He has been in the United States of his own free will and obviously he is free to go. In fact, he was scheduled to travel to Iran yesterday, but was unable to make all of the necessary arrangements to reach Iran through transit countries.”

They believed that Amiri worked for the country’s atomic energy organisation and had in-depth knowledge of its controversial nuclear programme that’s why ha has been abducted by the US. US TV network ABC reported in March that he had defected and was helping the CIA by revealing valuable information about the Iranian nuclear programme.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Mr Amiri was free to go and the decision to go back to Iran would depend solely to himself.