Iran Stops Stoning as a Sentence to Woman For the Time being

Sakineh Mohaammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman, has been facing a controversial death sentence in Iran for being guilty of adultery. Controversial as it is because it would be implemented through stoning. It has caught so much attention most especially to a lot of international human rights groups including USA and Great Britain.

Human Rights Watch has been taking over the case of Ashtiani and according to them, she was convicted last May 2006 bu having an “illicit relatonship” with two men after the death of her husband. During this time, a court in Tabriz, Iran sentenced her to 99 lashes. A year later, she was convicted of adultery .

Iran has been implementing stoning since 1979 Islamic Revolution. Most often than not, this death sentence is being converted to other punishments. As of the time being, this punishment will not be imposed to Ashtiani.

Under Islamic rules, a man is usually buried up to his waist, while a woman is buried up to her chest with her hands also buried. Those carrying out the verdict then throw stones until the condemned dies. AP

Ashtiani’s stoning has already been approved by their Supreme Court but the judiciary head could still make an appeal or ask for pardon to their Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who have the final say regarding this matter. For the time being, the stoning will not be implemented yet. As of now, Ashtiani is currently being held in East Azerbaijan province.