Iran Latest News – China and Iran share similar views on certain issues


After the meeting with Chinese President Xi JinPing in Beijing, Iran Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said that both the sides had very constructive negotiations and Tehran and Beijing shared close views about important regional as well as global issues.

Larijani also added that both Iran and China agreed upon the thought of taking effective steps in investment, economy and trade.

Larijani also seized this opportunity to talk about the recent round of talks held between Iran and the P5 (US, Britain, France, China and Russia) plus Germany on the Tehran’s nuclear project in Geneva, and stressed on the fact that Tehran’s nuclear energy project is solely for constructive purposes and there is no hidden military agenda.

Iran’s top lawmaker also said that in the latest meeting in Geneva, Iran had also tabled a proposal which could bear rich fruit very soon with cooperation from China.

Two days of negotiation was held between the six world powers and Iran over the Tehran nuclear energy program in Geneva, Switzerland on October 15 to 16.

All the talks took place behind closed doors. The two sides have agreed to meet once again in Geneva from 7th to 8th November after the expert level meeting, which has already started in Vienna.

In the talks held in Geneva, a proposal titled ‘Closing an Unnecessary Crisis and Opening New Horizons’ was presented to the participants by Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

Xi said that such friendly relations between Iran and China are beneficial for both the nations and even the entire region. He also added that Beijing is ready to extend bilateral relations with Tehran in all possible spheres.

Both the sides also discussed about the critical crisis going on in Syria, and stressed on the need of a political solution to end this turmoil that has been going on since March 2011.