iPhone rumors, news, release date, and specs – Fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

According to an investigator, both iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will have the fingerprint sensor technology. Hamad Sood, a developer, has found a BiometrickitUI folder within the Accessibility bundles in the library directory of the new OS.

Christian Post says that in addition to the code bundle, a string on how to use fingerprint sensor on an iPhone is also found. The rumor, however, is not a new one as a fingerprint scanner was shown on the next iPhone’s bezel, a month ago.

Website.au says that the strings show a picture where a person is holding an iPhone in his left hand with his thumb on the center button. Next to him is another person who has the iPhone in his right hand, with his right thumb on the button. The button under the right thumb is lit and then the further process continues.


In order to bring them close together, the bezel and the sensor die are encased in an encapsulating structure. The encapsulating structure also protects the bezel and the sensor die physically and maintains the spacing between them in such a fashion that is not’ possible in any current knowing device design.

In addition to all this-Apple, recently, has revealed a job posting for software engineers in Melbourne, Florida where the Authen Tec and Apple’s design center lies. Authen Tec is known for its fingerprint security work and was acquired by apple in 2012.

The iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and newly rumored iPhone 5C are to be launched in the coming six months. Which one of them exactly has the rumored fingerprint technology is yet to be seen.