iPhone Air and iPhone 6c rumored specs and features

Every week we see a dozen new iPhone and iPad concepts emerging as the rumor mill keeps on producing bits and pieces of information about the possible features of the future gadgets. While most of these concepts can be dismissed easily, some of them hold great promise. A company called Set Solution has presented two such concepts.

They have presented rather plausible models for the iPhone Air and the iPhone 6c with similar design aesthetics as we have usually seen in all Apple products. The design of the concept iPhone Air is not surprising, but rather beautiful.

Whereas, the design of the iPhone 6c is rather unique and if applied, might just increase the appeal of the successor of the iPhone 5c which is no so appealing.

iPhone Air
As the name suggests, this concept smartphone which is presented as the successor of the iPhone 5s, is based on the latest iPad by Apple, the iPad Air.

iPad Air

The iPhone Air concept has not only borrowed the sleep profile and name from the iPad Air, but it also carries an amazing display that is bound to receive appreciation.

The iPhone Air has been made 1.5mm thinner at the top and 3mm thicker at the bottom and it weighs 70 grams. It sports an edge-to-edge display which adds more visual pleasing to the handset.

However, while ultra-sleek phones look really beautiful, it is not really easy to grip such devices, especially when they sport a big display. A sleek and wide phone has a good probability to slip out of your hands while answering calls single handedly and Apple might never come out with a design that’s as sleek.

iPhone 6C
The iPhone 6c concept features a distinct curved design which makes the phone far better looking than its predecessor. Despite using a plastic body, the iPhone 6c looks like a premium phone with such a design. The design is fresh and has minor similarities to the LG Flex.