iPhone 6 speculation and rumors following the Apple iPhone 5C and 5S release

It has only been around three months when we were introduced to the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s by Apple at their press event in Cupertino but this has not stopped anyone from speculating about the features Apple is going to introduce in the iPhone 6.

If we were to go by the latest rumors, then it is predicted that the new iPhone could have 3D sensing capability, which would revolutionize the way your phone recognizes other objects.

As incredible as it sounds, the rumor has risen after the company confirmed that it had acquired the Israeli company PrimeSense that designs sensors that allow people to interact with objects.

The technology which the Xbox Kinect motion users is based on was developed by PrimeSense. It is reported that the deal cost Apple around $350 million.

The Huffington post mentioned that the technology that has been developed by PrimeSense has been highly decreased in size and it is quite possible that it can be incorporated in the next iPhone to enable it with 3D sensing capability.

Probably a person could calculate the mass and size of an object by just clicking a picture of the object. And it could be even possible that the phone can recommend you other similar objects by sensing the shape and size of the object whose picture you had clicked. Apple developers could have a lot of fun with such a device.

It is also reported that Apple is also working on a larger iPad, which could be aimed at a spot in the market that no one is baying for right now.